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I recently received a lovely Celtic Christmas card from a woman I met in Ireland on my last trip, and she included a great homeopathic plan for preventing jet lag. She said it worked for her both ways — all the way from Alaska to Ireland and back. So with many thanks to Keeley, here it is. The italics are my added comments.

One month before travel: Begin taking a good probiotic and take it without fail. (If you don’t have one, ask for suggestions at your local health food store.)

Three to five days before departure: Start taking cell salts, also known as bioplasma. Take one dose every day. These are a homeopathic that dissolves under your tongue and help each cell achieve optimal performance (so you’re firing on all cylinders, so to speak).

Day of travel: Increase your cell salt dose to every four hours and begin taking another homeopathic drug, “No-Jet-Lag.” You can find it at www.nojetlag.com.

As well as these things, all the other common suggestions really are well grounded — things like less or no alcohol (wait for the Guinness in Ireland), less or no caffeine, and lots of water to hydrate. Seems like every little bit helps!

Thanks, Keeley!