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Ahhhh. Fresh coffee in my room, courtesy of the Aerobie AeroPress.

Been home for what, two weeks, and going full speed ahead with putting the tours together. My web designer has labored for far more hours than she anticipated, but the finished product will be a work of art.

As I work I have been reflecting on the trip and travel in general. A dear friend is having an exciting adventure, having just up and moved to France with her partner, a fellow artist. She wrote about the pleasures of drinking coffee from “American-sized” coffee cups, which they managed to find in the land of demitasse. I can so relate.

While I love to travel and explore new places, I have found that the experience is much more comfortable with, well, the comforts of home. For me, essentials are a down pillow and manual coffeemaker.

If I have a soft place to rest my head, and a fresh cup of strong hot coffee in the morning, I’m set for whatever the day brings. (I also bought a pair of lovely handmade mugs, thus supporting local artists as well as my coffee habit.)

I know, some of you might say where’s the adventure in that? To which I reply, at my age I deserve to have what I want. I’ve done my time sleeping on miniature travel pillows in Africa and on pillowcase-covered rocks in Korea.

The down pillow compresses very well in one of those roll up compression bags (no vacuum cleaner needed), and fits nicely in the top of my suitcase. The Aerobie AeroPress is a hard plastic cylinder about 6 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, so pretty compact too. I bring my own ground coffee for the first few days, but it’s pretty easy to find good coffee in stores these days. (I once brought two cans of Illy coffee all the way from Italy, only to find the same cans at the local grocery store.)

Do you have a “comfort of home” that you take on your travels? Do tell!